Midge Owners' and Builders' Club


About the Club.

Welcome to the home page of the Midge Owners and Builders Club. The
organisers are volunteers, and all income received is used for the
benefit of Club members. The
club consists of people from all walks of life, and
aims to be a source of information and interest for those who are
owners, builders or enthusiasts of the Midge car designed by John

The MOBC is internet based and has a world wide membership with owners in
France, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic and even further
afield in Australasia.

There is a one-off Joining Fee of £10, and for this you will receive
a regular Newsletter, free technical advice and prior information
about Midges for sale and wanted.

We also arrange the occasional get together at Kit Car shows and visits

to places of interest in the UK.

I, (Jim) am experimenting with additional pages for the club on an alternative site where I hope to merge some of my 'helpful' pages with the club site and other web based facilities. (That means I haven't decided what they are yet.) I'll be starting with a sort of parallel site http://midgebuilders.homestead.com/ and of course there is the ever-popular Midge Central Feel free to browse.

Your Questions, well some of the easier ones anyway………….

How do I join? Contact Jim

Where do I get the Construction Plans and build Manual? Just send an  e-mail to lightning.cars@btopenworld.com

What about this MK2 I hear about?  Just Click

How I can I find out about Midges for sale and wanted, or post an
advert on the Website?

Contact the Secretary at jim@jimhewlett.com
and he'll tell you how to join. ( a few details and a one-off joining fee of £10)

For enquiries about our Website, contact the Webmaster at

What are you waiting for? - Why not join today?